What is Nusantara Rising?

Nusantara Rising is an online city-building game that takes place in Indonesia at the 15th century, which at that time it was known as Nusantara, as mentioned in the book of Negarakertagama. And this century is a time where kingdoms on Indonesia reached their peak of glory, thus we call this game "Nusantara Rising".

Never ending battles!

Play the Singleplayer campaign mode and unfolds the story of Majapahit Kingdoms, or compete with others in Multiplayer mode.

Nusantara is in your hand!

We are trying to revive the old glory that has gone to the past. Start from small under developed village, are you able to spread your wings throughout the Nusantara?

Redefining City-building game!

We are trying to bring simple yet fun game to play without having to burden our players with the complexity of usual city-building game.

Contact Us

Official Site: http://pstteam.com
E-mail: admin@pstteam.com